Consignment FurnitureStoneHouse Merchant is the best place for you to sell items, which are valuable, but no longer needed in your home. Consigning offers a hassle free, convenient way to sell items, & saves you the cost of advertising, showing your items and opening your house to strangers.

We do not charge a set-up or any other consignor’s fee. When sold, we will share the proceeds with you 45/55. An appointment is necessary to bring in home décor and accessories for evaluation. They can be brought in Monday thru Saturday, unless previously discussed. A buyer will not be available on Sunday.

For furniture, we would need photos first. They can be emailed or brought in on a camera or phone. Please provide your own help, which may require 2 or more people, when bringing in large furniture.

The management of StoneHouse Merchant will carefully inspect your items and price your items with consideration give to: condition, style, color, manufacturer, age and demand of the item, along with past sales history of like items.

After the items are received and priced, your items are assigned computerized inventory numbers, tagged and displayed on on our selling floor in attractive settings along with other complimentary accessories and like items.

Periodic markdowns will be taken during the consignment period at the sole discretion of the store to facilitate its sale.

Some tips to get the most from your products:

  • All items must be ready for floor presentation and display upon arrival. Please clean your items before bringing them in. Remove dirt, dust, fingerprints, etc. Windex and Murphy’s cleaner are good products. Clean off the cobwebs and spider nests from underneath your furniture. A cleaning fee will be charged if necessary.
  • Inspect each item carefully. Cloth items should have no rips, tears or stains. Glass items should have no cracks or chips, and should be shined. Wood products can be enhanced with ‘Old English’ or similar product to fill in scratches. Check that all the screws are tightened. Loose joints should be re-glued. Loose jointed items do not sell, or if they do, at a reduced price.
  • Items that sell have theses qualities: eye appeal, quality, clean and fair price.

All reasonable care will be taken of articles consigned to this shop, but they are left at the owner’s risk. We are not responsible for damage caused by handling, loss by fire, water damage or theft.